• add_circle remove_circle Why is my contact list no longer visible? or Why have my contacts been replaced with VMR addresses?

    This is a known issue that occurs after the September 2016 update. This happens because your contact list could have been corrupted after the update. As a result, some contacts may have disappeared or been replaced by their respective VMR names.

    Regrettably there is no fix that can be applied to reverse this.

    The solution is to delete those contacts and recreate them or wait for them to be cleared. This has to be done by each user.

    Please refer to the attached video to see on how to delete and recreate users. If you have access to Google Chrome, we recommend that you use the browser app available at https://join.jamvee.com/ because you can then copy and paste contacts to recreate them.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at ucc.support@tatacommunications.com or call us at these numbers:

    Telephone: Australia 1800 295 695
    Canada: 1 844 309 9423
    France: 0800 909 136
    India: 000 800 100 9238
    Singapore: 800 101 3359
    United Kingdom: 0800 031 4620
    United States: 1 844 309 9423
    additional numbers can be found at: https://support.jamvee.com/contact-support/



  • add_circle remove_circle Where can I find my Secret Key?

    The secret key is a series of letters and digits that has been added to the web-link to join your VMR. It looks like this:

    You can view this Web access link and regenerate the secret key through the jamvee conferencing portal.

    Select “Manage my VMR” and then click on “View access methods”. You will see the option to regenerate the secret key for the host and participants links.  Please note that once updated, the old URL will no longer work.  It will however not change the host and/or participant Meeting IDs (or pins).

    secret key1







    secret key2

  • add_circle remove_circle I was unable to finalise my booking. How do I confirm that my meeting was booked?

    If you were able to complete all scheduling information and click finish, your confirmation e-mail should be received within 10 minutes. You also have the option to view all scheduled conferences online to verify a booking. For help on viewing scheduled conferences please click here to refer the online user guide. For any additional information, kindly contact our help desk. Click here

  • add_circle remove_circle Why is my meeting not reflecting the correct time / time zone?

    During the transition, some time zones were reset to UTC, GMT +00:00. All uses are encouraged to check their default time zones on the homepage when they first log in to the jamvee portal. Once the user’s time zone has been set in the jamvee portal it does not have to be changed or adjusted again. Any meeting scheduled on the new portal will be automatically set as per organiser’s time zone.

  • add_circle remove_circle What can I do to improve the quality of my video conferencing experience?

    Tata Communications will always endeavours to provide the most reliable and best-quality experience for everyone using jamvee™; however, there are many factors which may affect quality. Below are a few steps that can be attempted to mitigate them and improve overall quality.

    1. If possible use a wired connection rather than a Wifi connection
    2. If this is not possible, try to ensure that you have as strong a Wifi signal as possible
    3. If you have more than one device connected to the router (wired or wireless) then temporarily disabling unnecessary connections (e.g. turning off Wifi connections) may be beneficial

    These suggestions are not guaranteed to provide a solution. If a connection is heavily loaded, or not physically connected, or out-of-range, then whatever the changes made, a connection to the service may simply not be possible, or only at reduced quality and frame rate.

    If you are accessing the service as part of a business, then the most effective solution is often to get a better quality access connection rather than relying on a standard Internet access method.

    Tata Communications Ltd or its partners can provide direct MPLS links that connect directly from your organisation into our low latency, high-performance core network – providing the best quality connectivity possible. To find out more, please contact your local Tata Communications Sales representative.

  • add_circle remove_circle How do I capture Log files from the Cisco Meeting application?

    Users can pull diagnostics for a poor quality jamvee™ meeting via:

    A. Desktop/Mobile Application (for registered, logged-in users)

    B. Internet Browser Guest Application (when attending as a ‘Guest’)

    A. Instructions to collect diagnostics via the Cisco Meeting  Application:

    1. From the Cisco meeting app home screen, click the three dots in the right hand corner to open the Side Panel

    2. Click the ‘Information’ button (the ‘i’ in a circle) from the bottom left-hand corner:

    3. Click the ‘Save diagnostic information’ button

    4. A ‘Gathering Diagnostics’ box will appear for you to note the problem/s you have experienced, this will accompany the diagnostics information:

    5. Click on ‘Save diagnostic’ and this will bring the file up to be saved in your documents library

    6. Once saved, the diagnostics file is ready to be sent via email

    B. Instructions to collect diagnostics via Internet Browser, using the Cisco meeting Guest Application:

    1. From the Cisco meeting app home screen, click the three dots in the right hand corner to open the Side Panel

    2. Click the ‘Show diagnostic information’ button

    3. A new tab will open in the browser and the diagnostics log will be printed in the new tab.

    4. Select ‘All’ and copy the entire diagnostics log into a Word document

    5. The diagnostics file is ready to be sent via email

  • add_circle remove_circle I see warning notifications concerning audio and video quality. What should I do? (jamvee™ UC Service)

    The app will adjust the quality of the video and audio to match the available performance of your computer and the amount of bandwidth available.

    To achieve the best possible quality, please close all unnecessary applications.

    You can set the video quality and available bandwidth via the Advanced Settings.

    Please refer to the jamvee™ UC User Guide for more information.

  • add_circle remove_circle Why does my “Your Meeting Room” email have empty/blank spaces under room information?

    This scenario may occur due to one of the following errors during Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) creation.

    • Host details missing: Host Access method was not added
    • Participant details missing: Participant Access method was not added
    • Entire section is blank: Neither host nor participant access method was added

    To prevent blank emails, 1 host and 1 participant access method must be added for every VMR.

    To correct the issue and add the missing details, please do the following:

    • Log into your account on the portal
    • Under the “My Services” section -> Select the “Manage” button beside “Virtual Meeting Room”
    • For the desired room, click on the “View Access Methods” link
      • This displays all associated access methods for the meeting room
    • Now select the missing method(s) from the drop-down menu and click on the “Add” button
    • Once you are done, click on the “Finish and Send Email” button
    • You will now receive a new email with the correct meeting room details
  • add_circle remove_circle I installed the calendar plugin, but it does not reflect on my Microsoft Outlook login. What can I do?

    If the installation has been successful then you will see the following section added to the “HOME” ribbon of Microsoft Outlook.

    In case you don’t, please restart the Microsoft Outlook program for this change to get reflected.

  • add_circle remove_circle I was in the process of scheduling my meeting, and my computer froze. How do I continue to book my meeting?

    Please re login into your portal account and search for the meeting. If the meeting has been booked successfully you should be able to view it. If not, kindly start afresh. In case the problem persists, please contact our help desk at this link.

  • add_circle remove_circle What does the Error Message “Date/Time is out of range” imply?

    This means that the start time of the meeting is too close to the time of booking. All meetings should be booked at least 30 minutes prior to the actual meeting start time.