• add_circle remove_circle What is a VIP Flag? How does it help?

    While creating a new user, the Enterprise Admin has the option to set a user as a VIP.

    VIP users are indicated by a ‘*’ before the name while scheduling a call. This is called a VIP Flag.

    The flag also enables the admin to search for meetings hosted by a VIP user.

    Please note: The meetings in which a VIP user is a participant and not the host, will not be flagged. This flag is for information purpose only.

  • add_circle remove_circle What is the Secret Key?

     A “secret key” was added to the WebRTC access links (when joining from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) of all jamvee VMRs as an additional layer of security to help protect your room from fraudulent access from the web.

    As of August 28, 2016 users that open a link without secret key or with the wrong secret key will not be able to connect to the jamvee VMR.

    If you are not sure you are using the latest link, you can check the web browser link.  A access URL (WebRTC) with secret key will look like:  https://join.jamvee.com/invited.sf?id=HOST CODE&secret=YjV-pqT  OR  https://join.jamvee.com/invited.sf?id=PARTICIPANT CODE&secret=qSD-vhY

    Make sure your existing meeting invitations and recurring invites are updated with this new link.

    • If you are using the calendar plugin for Microsoft outlook, simply open the invitation, click on “remove details” and click again on “add details”- The new details will automatically update.
    • If you manually added the link “How to join my jamvee™ meeting – Click Here” in your invitation, replace with the new one you can find in your “VMR Welcome email” sent by Admin@jamvee.com

    What will change when the secret key gets regenerated?

     This will modify the webRTC access link for participants or host to join your room

    • It will not modify the Host or Participant Meeting-IDs. Only the web browser links for those accessing the VMR from the web (IE, Chrome, Safari…) will be modified.
    • The links displayed in the calendar plugin for Microsoft outlook meeting invite will automatically be updated
    • The links displayed in your “guest joining page” will automatically be updated
    • A “regenerate button” is to allow you to change the secret key if you believe the web access method has been compromised.
  • add_circle remove_circle I have a last minute cancellation but cannot see the “Cancel” option?

    The portal allows you to cancel/modify the meeting only up to 30 minutes prior to the start time.

    Given below are some of the options available on the portal:

    Operator Launch Self Launch (scheduled with dynamic VMR) Self Launch (scheduled with dynamic VMR) – PLUGIN
    Pre-test available Yes Block room only
    Call launched automatically in the room Yes – if the room is set on auto answer – otherwise need to “answer” No
    OBTP enabled and visible on the tablet / console Yes – with TMS Yes – with TMS
    Meeting can be started before the beginning of the call Based on pre-test Meeting can be started 2 hours before actual start time
    Meeting ends automatically Yes No
    Meeting can be extended Yes – by calling the support 15 minutes before the planned end; subject to room availability Yes – up to 8 hours; subject to room availability
    Meeting can be scheduled last minute 1 hour before start time 5 minutes before start time
    Meeting extension request 15 minutes before end time Not required
    Meeting modification / cancellation On the portal 30 minutes before start time 30 minutes before start time 21 minutes before start time
    Timer showing time before meeting end (in TP room) No – announcement before meeting gets ended No – the user ends the meeting when they decide

    For further support on this please contact our help desk. Click here for details.

  • add_circle remove_circle I was unable to finalise my booking. How do I confirm that my meeting was booked?

    If you were able to complete all scheduling information and click finish, your confirmation e-mail should be received within 10 minutes. You also have the option to view all scheduled conferences online to verify a booking. For help on viewing scheduled conferences please click here to refer the online user guide. For any additional information, kindly contact our help desk. Click here

  • add_circle remove_circle I am a Room Administrator. How do I extract details of all meetings scheduled in a particular room?

    You can access this through the top menu bar (Manage -> Rooms) as depicted below.

    Selecting “Rooms” will land you in the following page.

    To search for a room:

    Step 1: Select public or private rooms using the room type drop down menu and click on Search .

    • This displays a list of all rooms and also displays the details of each room which includes – seating capacity, no. of screens and type of room.
    • You can also filter the search results using the “Filter” box.

    Step 2: From the displayed list, click on the Select Room button for the room you want to manage.

    Step 3: This will lead you to the page to manage scheduled meetings for this particular room.

    Step 4: Enter the date range you wish to search for and click on the Search button. The details displayed include the date and time (along with meeting time zone), the Conference ID, Conference Title and Organiser name.

  • add_circle remove_circle I installed the calendar plugin, but it does not reflect on my Microsoft Outlook login. What can I do?

    If the installation has been successful then you will see the following section added to the “HOME” ribbon of Microsoft Outlook.

    In case you don’t, please restart the Microsoft Outlook program for this change to get reflected.

  • add_circle remove_circle Can the jamvee calendar plugin be mass installed across multiple systems?

    We recommend the following procedure if you wish to install the .msi for the jamvee™ calendar plugin to multiple users within your organisation.

    • Download the .msi file to your local machine

    The simplest, most scalable way, is to run the .exe file available from the following link: https://appdownload.jamvee.com/calendar-plugin/CalendarPluginInstaller.exe

    This will install a .msi file in your Download directory

    • Push the .msi file you have downloaded to your users utilising whatever software delivery tool you have standardised on within your organisation
  • add_circle remove_circle How can I uninstall the jamvee™ calendar plugin?

    To uninstall the jamvee™ calendar plugin for Microsoft Outlook app, please follow these procedures:

    Windows 7

    • Select Start -> Control Panel -> Program and Features
    • Scroll down the list and find the application – Jamvee Calendar Plugin – and select it
    • Click Uninstall

    The plugin will now be removed from your computer.

  • add_circle remove_circle How do I download and install the jamvee™ UC Calendar plugin?

    For help with installation and use of the calendar plugin, kindly refer the Calendar Plugin guide available under Guides and Tutorials.


    Click on the below link to initiate download of the calendar plugin


  • add_circle remove_circle How can I get help entering my information, or with general questions about booking a room?

    You can manage your account through this portal. For guidance, kindly refer the online user guide available at this link. If you need any additional information, please contact our helpdesk. Click here for further information

  • add_circle remove_circle What is the maximum number of rooms that can be scheduled in a single Scheduled Auto-launch Video Meeting?

    User can select rooms with up to a total of 46 screens for a scheduled dial out or auto-launch video meeting

  • add_circle remove_circle What are the various types of Scheduled Video Meeting?

    You can use the portal to book two types of Scheduled Video Meetings:

    • Dial-IN: This can be used by a Conference Service user to set up a Dial-In meeting on the jamvee Conferencing Platform. It allows customer to schedule a jamvee call instead of just using the existing on-demand dial-in capabilities. This capability is not available for all customers and is available only for those who have subscribed for this service in the order form. At the scheduled time the users dial into the bridge and enter the PIN to participate in the conference.
    • Dial OUT: This video meeting on the other hand is launched by VNOC. This can be used by any managed services customer to select the rooms under management or any VNOC certified rooms to be a part of the scheduled dial out video meeting. Jamvee Clients cannot be included in a scheduled dial out conference. At the scheduled time the VNOC will launch the call to the selected rooms. The participants need to be present in the room and accept the call (if the system is not in the auto answer mode).