Jamvee™UC Release Notes – v4.6.1

1General Release Overview

1.1 Jamvee™ UC Service Release 4.6.1 – Upgrade Date December 12th, 2015

This release correlates with the following component versions:

  • Jamvee™ UC PC Client Release:  v4.1.8.16
  • Jamvee™ UC Mac Client Release:  v4.1.8.16
  • Jamvee™ UC iOS Client Release:  v4.7.5 (2015.1027.1011)
  • Google Chrome Release:  47.0.2526.80 for Mac; 47.0.2526.80 m for PC
  • Core Release:  R1.8.5
  • Edge Release:  R1.8.5
  • Synergy Release: v4.4 r04
  • SDP components:  CM050
  • Documentation:  v4.6.1-20151223


2New Features

2.1 Enhanced DTMF Tone Controlsyes

Jamvee™ release 4.6.1 introduces additional DTMF tones which can be used to control aspects of the jamvee™ meeting.  Below is a complete listing of DTMF supported codes: 

Host Controls

  • *2 – Next layout [NEW]
  • *3 – Previous layout [NEW]
  • *52 – Lock the call to anyone not in the room from joining [NEW]
  • *82 – Unlock the call so people can join and participate [NEW]
  • *96 – will mute all participants on all call legs on the conference (e.g. Lecture mode)
  • *97 – this command will unmute all participants on all call legs on the conference
  • *93 – this command will terminate/disconnect all parties in the conference
  • *6 – will toggle the local audio mute/unmute for the host

Participant Controls

  • *2 – Next layout [NEW]
  • *3 – Previous layout [NEW]
  • *6 – will toggle local audio mute/unmute for a specific user. If the host has muted all the participants.  *6 will unmute the local audio for a specific user.

DTMF control works when accessing the jamvee™ service via the following methods:

  • Phone via the PSTN
  • Skype for Business/ Lync 2013 and 2010 desktop client
  • Video conferencing room system, device or application (operating in SIP Mode) connecting to jamvee™ UC over the Internet or on a dedicated connection

2.2 Meeting Control App “Change Layout” 

Jamvee now supports a new feature in Meeting Controls which enables the meeting organizer to change the layout for host leg of conference when hosting a jamvee™ meeting from a room-based system or via Lync/S4B.   Meeting controls are exercised from the jamvee™ Enterprise Portal.  An enterprise admin can: 

  • see and manage all their jamvee™ meetings from the portal
  • lock and lock their meetings to prevent newcomers from disturbing the meeting after it has started
  • change participants display layouts to a specific confirmation on SIP endpoints which meet compatibility requirements
  • view participants’ connection details to check on quality of service statistics such as audio packet loss

2.3 RDP Content Sharing Enhancements for Lync/Skype for Business

Jamvee™ now supports Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for bi-directional content sharing between a federated Lync/S4B client and the jamvee™ bridge.  This feature will greatly improve the quality of content sharing for Lync/S4B users in a jamvee™ conference.

2.4 Scheduled Conference Reports on the jamvee™ Enterprise Portal

Jamvee™ users can now generate and download scheduled conferencing usage reports on-demand.  Five types of reports are available for admins and two for users.  See the “Scheduled Video Meeting Service Reports” section of the latest portal guide for further details.

2.5 WebRTC over TCP

Jamvee Release 4.6.1 introduces support of TCP to UDP interworking in TURN server. This allows TCP media from browser clients to be received which the TURN server converts back to UDP media. This is useful when UDP traffic from browsers is blocked due to a proxy server.

3. Retired Features

There are no retired features in this release.

4. Resolved Issues in Release 4.6.1

Reference Resolved Issue
8699 Intermittently, Google Chrome users encounter a “SDP generation” error, which results in them not being able to join a conference.
8468 The unread message indicator does not always indicate arrival of a new chat message on the jamvee client on iOS versions 8.1.30 and 8.3.
8475 When the jamvee client app is minimized on the iOS client the unread chat indicator erroneously appears on the BACK button.
6305 Sharing a presentation in full screen mode on the jamvee web app does not work using Chrome version 42.
SYN-184 Intermittently, call legs that have disconnected from a conference may appear to be still connected in the roster.
8505 Intermittently, SIP/TLS calls on Cisco TX and IX endpoints connected to the jamvee bridge are dropped after pressing HOLD then RESUME.
PORTAL Conference emails that are sent by the jamvee portal are being received as .ics attachments.
10580 Intermittently, iOS client host users may encounter black video or a client crash if they drop from the active meeting and then come back.  This affects iPhone 5 iOS 9.1 and iPad iOS 9.0.
  Intermittently, some users encountered garbled audio on iPhone 6s while on a jamvee conference.
10715 The jamvee iOS client v4.7.1 was crashing when the user entered a conference using iPad/iPhone v8.1 and v9.1. 


5. Known Limitations in Release 4.6.1

Reference Issue Resolution Target
10091 Jamvee client sometimes flips to an unshared document on Win10.  This does not impact Win7 users. Jamvee 2.0 client
10181 SIP calls using Sonus7000 are dropping 15 minutes into the call.  Workaround is to enable TLS on the trunk. TBD