Jamvee™UC Release Notes – v4.4

1. General Release Overview

1.1 Jamvee™ UC Service Release 4.4 – Release Date April 8, 2015

This release correlates with the following component versions:

  • Jamvee™ UC PC Client Release:  v4.1.6.30
  • Jamvee™ UC Mac Client Release:  v4.1.6.30
  • Jamvee™ UC iOS Client Release:  v4.1.0
  • Core Release:  R1.6.14
  • Edge Release:  R1.6.14
  • Synergy Release: v3.4.7
  • Service Management Tools:  Portal SW 3.4
  • SDP components:  CM044, CM045 
  • Documentation:  v4.4-20150408


2. New Features

2.1 Jamvee™ App Improvement: Client UI Improvements

A new version of the app for PC and Mac (WebRTC and iOS to follow soon), with many new features/enhancements including:

  •  Improved layout of controls
  • Function of each button made clearer
  • Streamlined how to move the computer audio to your phone/mobile, or the video to a large screen room system, during your meeting
  • Simplified how to add video conferencing systems & audio-only phone users to a meeting
  • Easier 1-to-1 video calling
  • Many behind-the-scenes changes to improve the overall user experience.  

For further information please refer to the jamvee™ UC App User Guide (PC & Mac) Please note Mac OSX 10.7 is no longer supported.   

2.2 Jamvee™ Calendar Plugin for Microsoft® Outlook® Messaging Software

A newly developed plugin for Microsoft Outlook enables users to add their jamvee™ UC meeting room details into any calendar invite at the touch of a button – making it easier to use Outlook to schedule your jamvee™ UC meetings.

For further information please refer to the New Features and Enhancement document.

2.3 Improved Meeting Invite

The jamvee™ UC “Your meeting room details” email now includes a clear, single personalized meeting invite link that opens a Meeting Lobby web page for invited attendees to join from.

Users should copy and paste this link into their Outlook Signature, or other email or calendar tool as appropriate, so that colleagues and customers can easily access their jamvee™ UC meeting joining information. 

In addition, guests joining via audio-only on their Smartphone will be able to select from a number of audio dial-in numbers without having to manually enter a meeting code, giving them “one-click” access to the meeting.

For further information please refer to the New Features and Enhancement document.

2.4 Enterprise Customizable Emails 

Enterprise customers can now customize all their Jamvee™ UC Email templates instead of using the Partner’s default email templates. These are as mentioned below:

  • Account Creation or Set Password: Sent to the user right after their account gets created on the portal
  • Account Reset Email or Forgot Password: Sent to the user either when user selects “Forgot?” on the login page or Admin selects “Account Reset” on the user’s profile page.
  • Welcome to Service – Meeting Room Details: Sent to the user when a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is created for their account. Each VMR has a unique “meeting room details” email associated with it.

The entire content, apart from the subject line, can be modified as long as the overall design is aligned with the Partner’s brand guidelines. 

Kindly contact your Jamvee™ Service provider for further details. 

3. Retired Features



4. Fixed Issues in this release

4.1 Core and Edge Servers 


Issue ID


Core & Server Ver.


Conference drops when host joins from a SIP video endpoints and puts the endpoint’s call on hold. 



Jamvee WebRTC app stopped working with Chrome v41.0.2272.64 m (64-bit).  



5. Known Limitations


Issue ID


Fixed Ver.


Large distributed conferences may contain video windows with nested pictures.



Microsoft Office 365 Lync client chat legs are not removed from the Jamvee Room once the conference ends.



Jamvee UC App Activities tab does not contain all call history entries. 



Jamvee UC App occasionally change the incoming video layout without user intervention.



Microsoft Lync client chats occasionally fail to post.



6. Special Installation/Upgrade Instructions

Special note for users of the jamvee™ app running on the Microsoft Windows Operating System:

If you have not re-installed or downloaded the application since November 1, 2014 you will need to do so in order to access the new features after the system upgrade. To do this please perform the following steps:

  • Uninstall your current jamvee™ UC app: 
    1. Quit the jamvee™ UC app, if it is running
    2. Click Windows Start
    3. Click Control Panel
    4. Click Programs and Features
    5. Locate and double-click on the program that appears 
    6. Follow the prompts to uninstall it 
  • Next, click on the link below to install the current version of the windows app:


Special note for users of the jamvee™ app running on the Apple Mac Operating System:

  1. Click below link to download the new Jamvee™ UC for Mac App  https://appdownload.jamvee.com/mac/jamvee%20UC.dmg 
  2. Open the .dmg file and drag the ‘Jamvee™ UC’ icon into the Applications folder within the window that opens up.
  3. If you already have an older version of the Jamvee™ UC for Mac App installed in the Applications folder, then you will get a prompt asking whether you would    like to replace it with the new one that you are moving. Select Replace. This will overwrite the previous version and if, for example, you have a shortcut in the      dock this will now automatically launch the new version.

Note: If you first remove an older Jamvee™ UC for Mac App from the Applications folder and then copy the new one into it, clicking on the dock shortcut no longer works and the icon becomes a question mark because the icon still searches for the previous application version. Launching the new version from the Applications folder will result in a separate dock shortcut being created. Follow the instructions above to avoid this issue.