Jamvee™UC Release Notes – v4.2

1. General Release Overview

1.1 Jamvee UC Service Release 4.2 – Release Date November 1, 2014

This release correlates with the following component versions:

  • Client Release:  v4.1.3.43
  • Core Release:  RELEASE_1_6_TATA_2014-10-22
  • Edge Release:  RELEASE_1_6_TATA_2014-10-22
  • Service Management Tools:  Portal SW 3.0
  • SDP components:  CM042
  • Documentation:  N/A

2. New Features

2.1 Self-testing capability

It is now possible to set up and test video connectivity ahead of a live meeting.

By dialling one of a small set of specially configured Virtual Meeting Rooms, any user or guest can test their system and ‘self-certify’ to see if they can see looped-back video of themselves. If you or guest can see yourself during the test, you can be confident the connection to the amvee™ service is working correctly based on your local firewall or proxy settings – this will save you significant time to start the meeting with your guests.

For further information please refer to the jamvee™ Self-Certification Guide

2.2 Jamvee™ UC app – clear chat messages

We are keen to ensure privacy for our customers and now when using the jamvee™ Unified Communications app, meeting hosts are able to clear chat messages at any time – before, during or after the meeting. (See App User Guide page 5)


2.3 Jamvee™ UC app – meeting participants audio and video add-in

Jamvee™ UC app meeting hosts and authorised Meeting Room Members using the jamvee™ UC app can now:

       Add-in PSTN audio users to the meeting for enhanced flexibility and very low usage charges applied to the Meeting Room account owner

       Add-in internet reachable SIP based video conferencing room systems and desktop video systems into the jamvee™ meeting. Please note that only SIP URI address dialling is supported

For more details please see: (See App User Guide page 10: Invite New Participant)


2.4 Jamvee™ UC app – move app audio to a phone and move app audio/video to another video system

Jamvee™ UC app meeting hosts and authorised Meeting Room Members using the jamvee™ UC app can now:

       Move the jamvee™ app audio from a computer, iPad or iPhone to a desk, mobile or conferencing phone, for a low PSTN usage charge billed to the Meeting Room account owner

       Move the jamvee™ app audio and video from a computer or iPad to a video room or desktop system that supports SIP mode. Please note that only SIP URI address dialling is supported

For more details please see: (See App User Guide page 6: Send media to a different device)

3. Improvements


4. Retired Features

No features or functionality were retired in R4.2.

5. Fixed Issues


Issue #




Jamvee UC WebRTC content sharing was disabled with the introduction of Google Chrome v37

Fixed in R4.2. A new WebRTC Content Sharing extension in now available when this feature is used.


Jamvee UC WebRTC users experienced one-way video after the introduction of Google Chrome v37.

Fixed in R4.2


Jamvee UC App & WebRTC users were seeing “8” displayed in the USER MENU color block and the participant list, instead of correct user initials.

Fixed in R4.2


Jamvee UC Windows and Mac App curser prompt does not appear after hitting the +CALL button in the “Type name, number or address” field.

Fixed in R4.2


Jamvee UC Host and Participant Call-IDs (PINs) were intermittently not recognized by the by the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system when dialing into jamvee.

Fixed in R4.2


Lync 2010 & 2013 client users joining Jamvee meeting could not see other chats in the meeting room until they initiate a chat first.

Fixed in R4.2


6. Known Issues




Target Release


Audio devices used with jamvee UC Windows and Mac Apps intermittently remain muted after exiting jamvee meetings



Lync 2010 & 2013 clients users, may experience intermittent app and desktop sharing failure during jamvee™ meetings.



7. Special Installation/Upgrade Instructions

Special note for users of the jamvee™ app running on the Microsoft Windows Operating System: if you have not re-installed or downloaded the application over the last 4 weeks, will need to do so in order to access the new features after the system upgrade. To do this please perform the following steps:

Uninstall your current jamvee™ UC app:  Quit the jamvee UC app, if it is running

  1. Click Windows Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Programs and Features
  4. Locate and double-click on the cid:image012.jpg@01CFF516.5E248110 or cid:image013.png@01CFF516.5E248110  program that appears
  5. Follow the prompts to uninstall it

Next, click on the link below to install the current version of the windows app: